BMc Horsemanship


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Available Services


Horse Training & Rehabilitation

We are able to take horses in for a variety of training - from fixing remedial problems, loading issues, to improving ridden performance or behaviours on the ground.
The list includes Loading Issues, Fear of Clippers, Bucking, Rearing, Bridling/Bitting Problems, Pushy behaviour to name a few...

Rider Coaching & Groundwork lessons

Individual or group lessons available for both ridden work and groundwork. With an emphasis on developing a relationship of communication between horse and rider, teaching our horses how to perform whilst maintaining their natural disposition.

Clinics, lectures and demonstrations

Clinics, Lectures and Demonstrations are available on a wide range of horsemanship subjects including; The psychology of horsemanship, Understanding Tack, Horse and Rider Confidence, The Difference and Similarities of English and Western Horsemanship, and more...