Rider Coaching and Groundwork Lessons

BMc Horsemanship Clinic @ The Meadows Equestrian

BMc Horsemanship Clinic @ The Meadows Equestrian



At BMc Horsemanship we can offer all manner of teaching both in saddle and on the ground. Groundwork can help you discover a new means of communicating with your horse, as well as developing a closer and more rewarding relationship. We carry the lessons of groundwork into the saddle - exaggerating our teaching aids for the benefit of the horse’s understanding - then refining these aids into an elegant partnership.

“The secret in riding is to do only a few things but to do them right”
Nuno Oliviero

Understanding the function of numerous forms of riding allows us to offer a tailored learning experience in each lesson. We primarily teach Classical Dressage or a form of Baroque Western Riding - but can also lend experience to teaching arena based western riding, cross country preparation and showjumping.