Horse Training & Rehabilitation


Why use bmc horsemanship?

Trusting someone to train or work with your horse is a very personal decision. We deal with a variety of issues at BMc Horsemanship from simple things such as teaching a horse to accept wormer or clippers - to fixing more serious remedial issues such as rearing, bucking and bolting.

In every case the solution is to find a way to engage the horse’s mind, and through a combination of groundwork, in-hand work, and ridden work, try to teach each horse to be able to maintain their natural demeanour and compose themselves .

Good animal husbandry and creating a routine with consistency is a part of any training (or re-training) endeavour. At BMc Horsemanship we have decades of experience in keeping horses fit, sound, and mentally well adjusted in their working life. We treat every horse under our roof as we would our own.

We do not use any gadgets, violence or gimmicks in any of our training.

Brandon’s method for teaching loading is a labour of love (and obsession) that has been continually developed for over a decade. By learning from some of the best natural horsemanship and horsemanship practitioners working today he has refined and developed his own method to teach any horse to load continuously without issue. Focusing on teaching the horse to see the trailer as a relaxing rewarding place rather than pressuring and coercing a horse to load has created long lasting results with every horse to go through the training.

Our prices are probably the most competitive in the business and we can take horses for short periods of a few days to a week - right up to long term training programs over many months. Brandon is also able to travel across the country to assist with a variety of behavioural or training issues. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries regarding horse training.